This is the final part of the interview with Penney.

Over the months Penney and I have become friends. I am so proud of her and I feel humbled by her honesty and strength.

My hope is that you have been able to receive a better picture of some of the adversities that she, as well as many other women face in homelessness.

Yet, if we were to assume that some of these adversities are unique only to homeless women – we would miss the overarching truth;

being marginalized for economic reasons, social status, gender, ethnicity, race, faith and even sexuality is very common to most people in our community. I believe that at some point everyone has felt the stinging pain of marginalization.

We live in a world where we are continually faced with relevant choices. Do we focus on things that separate us, or do we begin to make new decisions, better decisions, more loving choices that point toward the common ground thereby acknowledging the redemptive qualities of the foundation in the Christian faith, and honoring the worth that every human being holds indiscriminate of the judgements by another?

In my faith community, as a follower of The Way, I am called to remember that we are all invited to get caught up in the net of radical grace. The cross is meant to bring us together, not give us opportunity for division.

I ask only one thing of you as you watch this video; let us remember that we are meant to clothe ourselves with love, to wear love as a garment, as the first thing that anyone sees.

Penney shared her life bravely. She opened up and discussed her pain. She is open to your questions – as am I, and I am sure she would also welcome your support.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to Penney’s story.

grace and peace,

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    Thank you. I fixed it.

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